MAY 2019


The introduction of gardening to FFXIV almost 5 years ago created a small niche community that was determined to learn everything there is know about the inner workings of the gardening system.

While we are still trying to figure out certain aspects of gardening there is one accomplishment that we have achieved. We have been able to confirm every single cross available in the game! Below are some numbers on crossbreed results:

  • Total Seeds: 89 (80 of which can be used in crossbreeding)
  • Confirmed Crosses: 4176
  • Dead Crosses: 120

It was a slow process in the beginning but when the Discord community was created we were really able to start taking things to the next level. The Big Triangle was created which allowed us to organize the crosses and find patterns among seeds. Once we were able to group the seeds into certain families it was just a matter of filling in the blanks. This is detailed in the Seed Trends & Families page.

We went back to test over 1000 crosses to confirm previous submissions by the community and finally finished the Single Seeds testings a couple days ago.

What does this mean for the future of gardening in FFXIV? With the expansion on the horizon we will most likely see a new crossbred seed arrive either in 5.0 or 5.1. Since we have identified all of the Dead Crosses we will be able to single out specific crosses that are likely to produce the new seed and have them tested and hopefully confirmed within the first week of release. We will also be able to determine all other crosses that come from the new seed within a matter of weeks (or sooner with more testers!).

We are also testing the cross chance percentage of every type of soil which is nearing completion though more datasets are always welcome! Data is on the Topsoil Analysis page.

Finally there is the never ending story of fertilizer. While it was initially thought fertilizer could be used to cut the grow time of plants in half, this has been found to not be true. However, there seems to be a lot more going on with fertilizer than we can figure out. A user did some detailed testing on it which the results are explained in the Fertilizer Analysis but not much else has been tested since.

A big thank you goes out to the Gardening Guru’s on Discord who are always available to answer any and all questions about gardening and to the rest of the community that really makes gardening more enjoyable for everyone!


The FFXIV Gardening community has been working to identify seed trends and families among all the seeds available in the game. A spreadsheet has been put together by one of our very active gardening gurus (Ivory) to visualize the results from all of the testing.

The findings have been documented on the Seed Trends & Families page. I will also have some big news in the coming days!