This is a list of crosses that have shown to not produce any crossbred seeds. The data comes from Ivory's Gardening Triangle: Trends & Families and will be updated as necessary. The information here is mainly useful for when a new crossbred seed is released with a patch. A highlighted row should take priority when testing new crosses.

Parent A Parent B Date Checked
Althyk Lavender Cloud Acorn 2018-08-01
Althyk Lavender Krakka Root 2018-06-01
Althyk Lavender Olive 2018-08-01
Althyk Lavender Thavnairian Onion 2018-07-01
Black Pepper Cieldalaes Pineapple 2018-07-01
Black Pepper Cloud Acorn 2018-07-01
Black Pepper Faerie Apple 2018-07-01
Black Pepper Han Lemon 2018-07-01
Black Pepper Krakka Root 2018-06-01
Blood Pepper Chive 2015-12-01
Blood Pepper Dalamud Popoto Set 2015-12-01
Blood Pepper La Noscean Leek 2015-12-01
Blood Pepper Pearl Sprout 2015-12-01
Blood Pepper Wizard Eggplant 2015-12-01
Broombush Halone Gerbera 2018-06-01
Broombush Jute 2018-08-01
Broombush Mandragora Queen 2018-08-01
Chive Pearl Sprout 2015-12-01
Cieldalaes Pineapple Lavender 2018-09-01
Cieldalaes Pineapple Firelight 2018-08-01
Cieldalaes Pineapple Garlic Cloves 2018-08-01
Cloud Acorn Garlic Cloves 2018-08-01
Cloud Acorn Krakka Root 2018-06-01
Cloud Acorn Thavnairian Onion 2018-08-01
Doman Plum Firelight 2018-08-01
Doman Plum Garlic Cloves 2018-08-01
Dzemael Tomato Pearl Sprout 2015-12-01
Earthlight Krakka Root 2018-06-01
Firelight Lavender 2018-08-01
Garlic Cloves Krakka Root 2018-06-01
Garlic Cloves O'Ghomoro Berry 2018-08-01
Garlic Cloves Olive 2018-08-01
Garlic Cloves Xelphatol Apple 2018-08-01
Garlic Jester Jute 2018-08-01
Jute Mandragora Queen 2018-08-01
Jute Onion Prince 2018-08-31
Krakka Root Lavender 2018-09-01
La Noscean Leek Royal Fern 2018-06-01
Lavender Wild Onion Set 2018-08-01
Lowland Grape Voidrake 2018-06-01
Mandragora Queen Pearl Roselle 2018-06-01
Pearl Sprout Royal Fern 2018-07-01
Broombush Eggplant Knight 2018-09-06
Eggplant Knight Jute 2018-09-06
Broombush Star Anise 2018-09-11
Thavnairian Onion Windlight 2018-09-11
Thavnairian Onion Waterlight 2018-09-11
Eggplant Knight Pearl Roselle 2018-09-13
Dzemael Tomato Royal Fern 2018-09-19
Dalamud Popoto Set Royal Fern 2018-09-19
La Noscean Lettuce Lowland Grape 2018-09-19
Faerie Apple Garlic Cloves 2018-09-26
Faerie Apple Gysahl Greens 2018-09-26
Levinlight Tantalplant 2018-10-11
Glazenut Old World Fig 2018-10-17
Royal Fern Wizard Eggplant 2018-10-22
Althyk Lavender Earthlight 2018-10-25
Althyk Lavender Firelight 2018-10-25
Althyk Lavender Icelight 2018-10-25
Althyk Lavender Levinlight 2018-10-25
Althyk Lavender Waterlight 2018-10-25
Althyk Lavender Windlight 2018-10-25
Chive Dzemael Tomato 2018-11-21
Blood Pepper Dzemael Tomato 2018-11-21
Black Pepper Earthlight 2018-11-29
Cloud Acorn Voidrake 2018-11-29
Pearl Roselle Star Anise 2018-11-29
Onion Prince Pearl Roselle 2018-12-04
Pearl Roselle Tomato King 2018-12-04
Apricot Old World Fig 2018-07-01
Cloud Acorn Lavender 2018-08-01
Dalamud Popoto Set Midland Cabbage 2018-12-11
Althyk Lavender Cieldalaes Pineapple 2018-12-17
Chive Royal Fern 2018-12-17
Althyk Lavender Doman Plum 2018-12-20
Cloud Acorn Earthlight 2018-12-26
Cloud Acorn Firelight 2018-12-26
Cloud Acorn Icelight 2018-12-26
Cloud Acorn Levinlight 2018-12-26
Cloud Acorn Waterlight 2018-12-26
Cloud Acorn Windlight 2018-12-26
Althyk Lavender Cieldalaes Pineapple 2018-12-26
Althyk Lavender Doman Plum 2018-12-26
Althyk Lavender Han Lemon 2018-12-26
Althyk Lavender Mamook Pear 2018-12-26
Althyk Lavender O'Ghomoro Berry 2018-12-26
Althyk Lavender Valfruit 2018-12-26
Althyk Lavender Xelphatol Apple 2018-12-26
Old World Fig Royal Kukuru 2018-12-26
Old World Fig Umbrella Fig 2018-12-26
Broombush Onion Prince 2019-01-09
Black Pepper Wild Onion Set 2019-01-09
Earthlight Mimett Gourd 2019-01-17
Firelight Mimett Gourd 2019-01-17
Icelight Mimett Gourd 2019-01-17
Levinlight Mimett Gourd 2019-01-17
Mimett Gourd Waterlight 2019-01-17
Mimett Gourd Windlight 2019-01-17
Cieldalaes Pineapple Voidrake 2019-01-17
Doman Plum Voidrake 2019-01-17
Glazenut Royal Kukuru 2019-02-12
Glazenut Umbrella Fig 2019-02-13
Cieldalaes Pineapple Wild Onion Set 2019-02-15
O'Ghomoro Berry Wild Onion Set 2019-02-15
Doman Plum Wild Onion Set 2019-02-15
Valfruit Wild Onion Set 2019-02-15
Garlic Jester Halone Gerbera 2019-03-06
Garlic Jester Nymeia Lily 2019-03-06
Halone Gerbera Jute 2019-03-06
Jute Nymeia Lily 2019-03-06
Jute Pearl Roselle 2019-03-06
Jute Star Anise 2019-03-06
Pahsana Fruit Sylkis Bud 2019-03-18
Earthlight Wild Onion Set 2019-03-20
Firelight Wild Onion Set 2019-03-20
Icelight Wild Onion Set 2019-03-20
Levinlight Wild Onion Set 2019-03-20
Waterlight Wild Onion Set 2019-03-20
Wild Onion Set Windlight 2019-03-20
Dzemael Tomato La Noscean Leek 2019-03-26