The FFXIV Gardening community has been working on confirming every single crossbreed available in the game. In doing so there have been seed families and trends identified to help in recognizing patterns between seeds and seed families. This information has been organized into a nice spreadsheet which helps visualize these trends as well as predict future crosses when new seeds are added.

Ivory's Gardening Triangle: Trends & Families

The points below are an explanation of the various elements in the spreadsheet along with some thoughts from the creator of this (Ivory). It will continue to be a work in progress as new seeds are added.

Yggdrasil Seed Model
Refers to any 'Chosen' seed, the unique ones with limited number of crossbreeding which leads to obtain it. This 'Chosen' seed defies logic of following the 'Family Box' - the Odd one in the family

Includes: Blood Pepper, Royal Fern, Chive, Glazenut, Umbrella Fig, Halone Gerbera, Cloudsbreath and Mandragora Queen. This will include any future seeds added in future expansions.

Seed Family
Refers to the set of seeds that act and behave with similar manner. So far we have identified 17 Seed Families. A total of 67 seeds are following a family (out of available 80 cross-breedable seeds). Families were established based on testing and observation.

List of seed families:

  • Ala Mhigan Mustard / Pearl Ginger Root
  • Azeyma Rose / Mandrake
  • Blood Pepper / Royal Fern
  • Blood Currant / Mirror Apple
  • Coerthan Carrot / Paprika
  • Pixie Plum / Sun Lemon
  • Glazenut / Royal Kukuru / Umbrella Fig
  • La Noscean Lettuce / Olive / Wild Onion Set
  • Almond / Cloudsbreath / Coerthan Tea / Shroud Tea
  • Chive / Dzemael Tomato / La Noscean Leek / Pearl Sprout
  • Cloud Acorn / Faerie Apple / La Noscean Orange / Lowland Grape
  • Althyk Lavender / Black Pepper / Garlic Cloves / Lavender / Voidrake
  • Broombush / Halone Gerbera / Jute / Nymeia Lily / Pearl Roselle
  • Chocobo Food (Hunt Billmaster) / Gysahl Greens / Krakka Root / Thavnairian Onion
  • Chocobo Food (Crossbreed Only)
  • Elemental Seeds
  • Minion Seeds / Star Anise

Single Seeds
Refers to the seeds that do not show traces to a certain Seed Family. There has been partial similarity in behaviour totaling 13 seeds.

List of single seeds:

  • Apricot / Chamomile / Dalamud Popoto Set / Honey Lemon / Linseed / Midland Basil / Midland Cabbage / Millioncorn / Old World Fig / Popoto Set / Prickly Pineapple / Rolanberry / Wizard Eggplant

Family Box
Refers to the Cartesian product of two Seed Families OR a Seed Family with a Single seed. Hence, you can see a Trend of results and based on that you can expect that within a Family Box all results are the same (with exception of Yggdrasil Seed).

Dead Cross / Dead Box
Refers to a crossbreed (or a set of crossbreeds) that did not result in producing a seed. It's anticipated that the Big Dead Boxes will always remain Dead Crosses, but smaller Family Boxes (like a Produce of a Single Seed with a Family) would be utilized in the future with more seed additions.

Seed Generation
Refers to the Seed existence expansion: A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, Stormblood and Shadowbringers.

Grandfathering Model
Allowing older generation of Yggdrasil Seed(s) to be obtainable with an easier crossbreeding solution (that includes New Generation of common seed(s). Examples: Umbrella Fig = Old World Fig (HW) x Honey Lemon (ARR) & Glazenut = Old World Fig (HW) x Prickly Pineapple (ARR). Due to limited number of uses of newer Yggdrasil seeds we should not be seeing any Grandfathering with future expansions (though we can't rule it out).

Hastening (Seeds)
Additional new seeds that are added which mature faster (one day) but at a probable (not tested yet) lower percentage of crossbreeding (Cloud Acorn / Althyk Lavender / Voidrake). Cloud Acorn acts similar as Faerie Apple, La Noscean Orange and Lowland Grape but with maturing time of one day instead of five days. The same applies to Althyk Lavender and Voidrake which both behave like Black Pepper, Garlic and Lavender. We are not sure why the devs included both in the same family.

Substituting (Seeds)
For a family set you can substitute any seeds with another and it will yield the same result as long as it's not a one of its kind Yggdrasil cross combination (examples: Cloudsbreath / Halone Gerbera / Royal Fern / Blood Pepper. Substituting shows its value when you can replace a harder-to-gather seed with a simple-to-gather seed (like replacing Almond seeds with Coerthan Tea or using Faerie Apple seeds as a starter-discarded seed to cross with Glazenut before replacing it with a gil-bought Cloud Acorn seed.

Queen Bee-ing
Yggdrasil seeds behave like a Queen Bee (if she emerges from her cell she seeks to eliminate any other queen cells). Hence, there is no alternate seed alongside a Yggdrasil seed. Vice-versa when proving the one/one common seed of a family box it is enough to know that this crossbreed doesn't yield a Yggdrasil seed since we know the other seed by default.