There was another live letter today and gardening was actually mentioned! Nothing groundbreaking, but it sounds like we will be seeing some pots showing up when the new mansion housing is introduced:

We have confirmed that we will be increasing the amount of land for existing housing areas in Patch 3.3. After this we’re planning to introduce mansion type housing, and housing in the Ishgard area. These two are being developed in parallel, but in order to meet everyone’s demand, we will implement the mansion-type housing as a first priority. Currently it’s being planned that one mansion will be able to hold 512 residences. As for gardening, we think this will be difficult, but we’re currently developing new pots that will allow gardening, so please look forward to this.

It will be interesting to see if they can work in a way to cross seeds using the pots.


An update has been made to the way the efficiency of a cross is calculated. Previously an alternate cross was not taken into account when calculating the efficiency. However, with the new seeds and countless new crosses many of them can produce more than one seed which is not favorable when going after a specific seed.

A cross that doesn't produce any alternate seeds is preferable over one's that don't. So this is now taken into account when calculating the efficiency of a cross. If it notices there's an alternate seed available the efficiency will be reduced by 3 points (came to this number after quite a bit of testing though it could change in the future)

A good example for this are the crosses for the Chive seeds. The Dalamud x Pearl Sprout cross was previously listed as the most efficient cross for a Chive, however, since it can also produce Shroud Tea this lowers your chances of getting a Chive seed. Since there's two other very efficient crosses that don't have an alternate cross, you are guaranteed to obtain a Chive seed and nothing else, so those should naturally be more efficient!


I've been slowly adding more crosses as I can confirm them. To speed up this process, if you are able to provide screenshots of your harvests that would really help me out a lot! You can send them either through Facebook or post them on the gardening subreddit.

Since both Chive and Blood Peppers seeds have now been confirmed it's a matter of getting everything else organized and seeing if there's possible more cross combinations.

I've also been receiving some reports of Chives and Blood Peppers crossing with themselves but haven't been able to confirm anything yet. The crosses in question are:

Dalamud Popoto Set x Chive = Chive (confirmed)
Pearl Sprout x Chive = Chive (needs confirmed)
Chive x Blood Pepper = Blood Pepper (no good)

Couple thoughts of my own. I've noticed from all the results submitted there are a select few seeds that keep showing up from new crosses. Most notably are: Azeyma Rose, Dalamud Popoto Set, Dzemael Tomato, La Noscean Leek, Midland Cabbage, Pearl Roselle, Royal Kukuru and Star Anise.

We already know the Dalumud's, Tomato's and Cabbage play a part in producing the new seeds so I wouldn't be surprised if the others are in some way involved as well. Just a thought.

Been able to confirm a few more crosses:

Chive x Dalamud Popoto Set = Chive (this is a loop!)
Dzemael Tomato + Dalamud Popoto Set = Chive (new Chive cross!)