This is a list of crosses that have shown to not produce any crossbred seeds. The data comes from the Big Triangle and will be updated as necessary. The information here is mainly useful for when a new crossbred seed is released with a patch. A highlighted row should take priority when testing new crosses.

Parent A Parent B Date Checked
Althyk Lavender Cloud Acorn 2018-08-01
Althyk Lavender Krakka Root 2018-06-01
Althyk Lavender Olive 2018-08-01
Althyk Lavender Thavnairian Onion 2018-07-01
Black Pepper Cieldalaes Pineapple 2018-07-01
Black Pepper Cloud Acorn 2018-07-01
Black Pepper Faerie Apple 2018-07-01
Black Pepper Han Lemon 2018-07-01
Black Pepper Krakka Root 2018-06-01
Blood Pepper Chive 2015-12-01
Blood Pepper Dalamud Popoto Set 2015-12-01
Blood Pepper La Noscean Leek 2015-12-01
Blood Pepper Pearl Sprout 2015-12-01
Blood Pepper Wizard Eggplant 2015-12-01
Broombush Halone Gerbera 2018-06-01
Broombush Jute 2018-08-01
Broombush Mandragora Queen 2018-08-01
Chive Pearl Sprout 2015-12-01
Cieldalaes Pineapple Lavender 2018-09-01
Cieldalaes Pineapple Firelight 2018-08-01
Cieldalaes Pineapple Garlic Cloves 2018-08-01
Cloud Acorn Garlic Cloves 2018-08-01
Cloud Acorn Krakka Root 2018-06-01
Cloud Acorn Thavnairian Onion 2018-08-01
Doman Plum Firelight 2018-08-01
Doman Plum Garlic Cloves 2018-08-01
Dzemael Tomato Pearl Sprout 2015-12-01
Earthlight Krakka Root 2018-06-01
Firelight Lavender 2018-08-01
Garlic Cloves Krakka Root 2018-06-01
Garlic Cloves O'Ghomoro Berry 2018-08-01
Garlic Cloves Olive 2018-08-01
Garlic Cloves Xelphatol Apple 2018-08-01
Garlic Jester Jute 2018-08-01
Jute Mandragora Queen 2018-08-01
Jute Onion Prince 2018-08-31
Krakka Root Lavender 2018-09-01
La Noscean Leek Royal Fern 2018-06-01
Lavender Wild Onion Set 2018-08-01
Lowland Grape Voidrake 2018-06-01
Mandragora Queen Pearl Roselle 2018-06-01
Pearl Sprout Royal Fern 2018-07-01
Broombush Eggplant Knight 2018-09-06
Eggplant Knight Jute 2018-09-06
Broombush Star Anise 2018-09-11
Thavnairian Onion Windlight 2018-09-11
Thavnairian Onion Waterlight 2018-09-11
Eggplant Knight Pearl Roselle 2018-09-13
Dzemael Tomato Royal Fern 2018-09-19
Dalamud Popoto Set Royal Fern 2018-09-19
La Noscean Lettuce Lowland Grape 2018-09-19
Faerie Apple Garlic Cloves 2018-09-26
Faerie Apple Gysahl Greens 2018-09-26
Levinlight Tantalplant 2018-10-11
Glazenut Old World Fig 2018-10-17
Royal Fern Wizard Eggplant 2018-10-22
Althyk Lavender Earthlight 2018-10-25
Althyk Lavender Firelight 2018-10-25
Althyk Lavender Icelight 2018-10-25
Althyk Lavender Levinlight 2018-10-25
Althyk Lavender Waterlight 2018-10-25
Althyk Lavender Windlight 2018-10-25
Chive Dzemael Tomato 2018-11-21
Blood Pepper Dzemael Tomato 2018-11-21
Black Pepper Earthlight 2018-11-29
Cloud Acorn Voidrake 2018-11-29
Pearl Roselle Star Anise 2018-11-29
Onion Prince Pearl Roselle 2018-12-04
Pearl Roselle Tomato King 2018-12-04
Apricot Old World Fig 2018-07-01
Cloud Acorn Lavender 2018-08-01
Dalamud Popoto Set Midland Cabbage 2018-12-11
Althyk Lavender Cieldalaes Pineapple 2018-12-17
Chive Royal Fern 2018-12-17
Althyk Lavender Doman Plum 2018-12-20
Cloud Acorn Earthlight 2018-12-26
Cloud Acorn Firelight 2018-12-26
Cloud Acorn Icelight 2018-12-26
Cloud Acorn Levinlight 2018-12-26
Cloud Acorn Waterlight 2018-12-26
Cloud Acorn Windlight 2018-12-26
Althyk Lavender Cieldalaes Pineapple 2018-12-26
Althyk Lavender Doman Plum 2018-12-26
Althyk Lavender Han Lemon 2018-12-26
Althyk Lavender Mamook Pear 2018-12-26
Althyk Lavender O'Ghomoro Berry 2018-12-26
Althyk Lavender Valfruit 2018-12-26
Althyk Lavender Xelphatol Apple 2018-12-26
Old World Fig Royal Kukuru 2018-12-26
Old World Fig Umbrella Fig 2018-12-26
Broombush Onion Prince 2019-01-09
Black Pepper Wild Onion Set 2019-01-09
Earthlight Mimett Gourd 2019-01-17
Firelight Mimett Gourd 2019-01-17
Icelight Mimett Gourd 2019-01-17
Levinlight Mimett Gourd 2019-01-17
Mimett Gourd Waterlight 2019-01-17
Mimett Gourd Windlight 2019-01-17
Cieldalaes Pineapple Voidrake 2019-01-17
Doman Plum Voidrake 2019-01-17
Glazenut Royal Kukuru 2019-02-12
Glazenut Umbrella Fig 2019-02-13
Cieldalaes Pineapple Wild Onion Set 2019-02-15
O'Ghomoro Berry Wild Onion Set 2019-02-15
Doman Plum Wild Onion Set 2019-02-15
Valfruit Wild Onion Set 2019-02-15
Garlic Jester Halone Gerbera 2019-03-06
Garlic Jester Nymeia Lily 2019-03-06
Halone Gerbera Jute 2019-03-06
Jute Nymeia Lily 2019-03-06
Jute Pearl Roselle 2019-03-06
Jute Star Anise 2019-03-06
Pahsana Fruit Sylkis Bud 2019-03-18
Earthlight Wild Onion Set 2019-03-20
Firelight Wild Onion Set 2019-03-20
Icelight Wild Onion Set 2019-03-20
Levinlight Wild Onion Set 2019-03-20
Waterlight Wild Onion Set 2019-03-20
Wild Onion Set Windlight 2019-03-20
Dzemael Tomato La Noscean Leek 2019-03-26