Patch 4.05 was released today and with it comes a new flowerpot seed:

  • Daisy

As with the other flowerpot seeds these can be purchased from the Material Supplier in each housing district. The default color for the daisy corsage is yellow and the color can be changed using pomace in the same way as the others.

I have added a new seed category to the site appropriately named Flowerpot since it seems we keep getting more of these.

I also forgot to mention this small update from the 4.0 patch notes:

Plants that are ready to harvest from garden patches or flowerpots will no longer wither.

Plants will still wither if you don't water them before they are ready to be harvested though.


A quick reminder to tend your plants before maintenance begins for the Stormblood expansion! All plants should be fine since it's only a 24hr downtime.

The gardening page will continue to be updated throughout Stormblood with whatever the devs decide to add. As always, I will rely on the community to provide as much info as possible while I also do my own research. Translations will also be added for in-game items as soon as I can get to them!

Confirmed crosses will now require a screenshot in order to be listed on the site in order to maintain the integrity of the information. I will also be looking for crop and seed yields for new items as well using the different types of soil.

When submitting a screenshot with your cross it would be preferable to show timestamps as well as the plants surrounding the harvested plant. I've provided a screenshot of a good example of how to properly track new crosses. In this screenshot it's very easy to see that Voidrake x Jute = Azeyma Rose.

Happy Gardening and don't forget to hydrate!


I am very pleased to announce it is now possible to search for seeds using the native language selected (English, French, German, Japanese, Korean or Chinese). Previously it was only possible to enter English terms into the search box in order to find a seed. You are now able to search in the language you are viewing the site!

My goal was to get this done before Stormblood released so I'm very happy to get this done a bit early in preparation for new data to be added with the expansion. I had to edit some back-end code along with some database settings so it was no easy task. If you notice any errors please let me know!

A huge thank you goes out to all the translators that have helped with translations for each language. It wouldn't be possible without them!