When gardening was first introduced it was thought some crosses could only be obtained by planting in a specific order. There wasn't much testing done so it was incorporated into the site design and left alone for a while.

Over the past few months there has been extensive testing (and indirect testing) of crosses that were thought to be one-way only. Every single result has proved to be a two-way cross (most of which has been logged on the Discord channel).

After getting a bigger and bigger data set of the crosses it became clear that one-way crosses were either a thing of the past and something the devs patched in...or one-way crosses never existed in the first place (due to incomplete cross results and/or user error).

This will serve as the official announcement. It doesn't really affect much in the overall scheme of things in regards to efficient gardening but make things a bit more straightforward when crossbreeding.


I've added a small feature to each seed details page. If a seed contains a loop (meaning you can use a seed to obtain more of the same seed) the row will be highlighted yellow.


Do you have an extra garden plot available? Want to do some testing for The Twelve? You're in luck!

The Unconfirmed Crosses page has been added to FFXIV Gardening. You will find a table listing crosses that need confirmed. If you would like to test a cross just let me know and I will add a yellow background to the cross being checked.

Once the result of the cross is determined it will be added to the Results table on the same page. This will track the outcome of the cross and the date it was last checked.