August 2022: There was a new interview on Japanese gaming sites with Yoshi-P regarding the upcoming 6.2 patch. Some more Island Sanctuary info was given.

  • Island Sanctuary doesn't have a storyline attached to it, other than some simple quests leading the player to the island.
  • The weather will change on the island, but it will not snow, since it is located in an area of the world where it doesn't snow.
  • Mostly Island Sanctuary will not connect to the rest of the game's systems eg being able to get tokens to exchange for items outside the island, but when you "explore to the limit" you will find some elements that connect to the outside world.
  • He implies some elements of the island's development will be on a weekly timer, namely cultivating crops.
  • I think this may have already been confirmed in the last LL, but for further confirmation: Housing items cannot be used on the island. The island is not intended as a replacement for housing, instead its about developing an uninhabited island.
  • There will be rewards such as mounts for making progress with developing the island. The interviewer asks if mounts can also freeroam on the island, Yoshida says first of all he wants people to enjoy the free roaming minions, but doesn't rule out the possibility of mounts.
  • You can queue up for Duty Finder while on the island (the interviewer jokes this gives people another excuse never to leave.)

July 2022: The latest Producer Live Letter was today and it revealed some more detailed information on the upcoming Island Sanctuary. Below is a list of the following activities that will be found within Island Sanctuary.

  • Gather materials from nature (materials are island-specific and take up separate inventory space
  • Craft tools from gathered materials (tools help harvest new resources more effectively!)
  • Grow crops (plant and cultivate seeds ou find on your island; different from estate crops)
  • Collect and care for various creatures (keep an eye out for rare colring and unique critters!)
  • Build a base of operations (customize its appearance and unlock further tools for deployment!)
  • Release the minions! (your favorite minions may wander freely within your base)
  • Create handicrafts (assemble collected material into handicrafts and export them; try to align exports with market demand for best possible results) (handicrafts will be sold for island-specific currency, not gil) (gameplay is not affected by other players' actions)
  • Earn rewards (exchange accumulated island currency for special items)
  • Socialize with friends (invite visitors or travel to the islands of friends and free company members)

October 2021: The upcoming expansion for FFXIV titled "Endwalker" will see the release of Island Sanctuary which has been promised to be "casual" solo content. PC Games was recently able to speak with Naoki Yoshida about some details.

The recent media tour featured a segment about Island Sanctuary where Yoshi-P gave a few more details but stressed that he didn't want to go much further into detail so as not to mislead players.

Depending on the content, FFXIV Gardening will most likely document everything related to Island Sanctuary and incorporate it into the current site as needed. Listed below are a few of the features that Yoshi-P provided in the interview:

  • Player owned island which will receive regular updates
  • Island begins as a blank canvas
  • You can place buildings (wording used by translator was, "You can say like, 'Okay, what kind of building do I want to place here? What type of materials do I want to gather? Okay, maybe I want to let my minions run free.'")
  • Tend to your animals and crops
  • Expand the territory on your island
  • Not a competition between players
  • No pressured / timed content
  • No high level weapons / gear
  • This is an area to relax. Also explicitly stated that "you can call over your friends to your island and have a chat with them, you can go and visit your friend's island"
  • There is "a focus on the house, the garden and the furniture, but you can see this as a bit of a rank higher, there's a bit more broad things in the mix"