Do you have an extra garden plot available? Want to do some testing for The Twelve? Listed below are crosses that need to be confirmed. If you are testing a cross contact me via Facebook, Discord or reddit. I will mark it as being tested (row highlighted gray) and once the cross is confirmed it will be added to the database and the Results section below.

Expected Crossed Seed Parent A Parent B Date Started


Expected Crossed Seed Parent A Parent B Confirmed? Date Last Checked
Mandrake Almond Cloud Acorn Y 2018-01-15
Azeyma Rose Coerthan Tea Mandrake N 2018-03-15
Tomato King Azeyma Rose Chive Y 2018-01-15
Nymeia Lily Azeyma Rose Cloudsbreath Y 2018-01-03
Eggplant Knight Blood Currant Cloudsbreath Y 2018-01-08
Rolanberry Blood Currant Cloudsbreath Y 2018-01-08
Dalamud Popoto Set Blood Pepper Cloudsbreath Y 2018-01-24
Star Anise Broombush Chamomile Y 2018-01-17
La Noscean Leek Chive Eggplant Knight Y 2018-01-17
Chive Chive Pearl Sprout N 2018-02-16
Royal Kukuru Chive Umbrella Fig Y 2018-01-17
Mandrake Cieldalaes Pineapple Coerthan Tea Y 2018-01-24
Sylkis Bud Cieldalaes Pineapple Coerthan Tea Y 2018-01-24
Dzemael Tomato Cieldalaes Pineapple Royal Fern Y 2018-01-24
La Noscean Leek Cloudsbreath Dzemael Tomato Y 2018-01-15
Sylkis Bud Cloudsbreath Gysahl Greens Y 2018-02-05
Jute Cloudsbreath Tomato King Y 2018-01-10
Royal Kukuru Cloudsbreath Old World Fig Y 2018-01-23
Shroud Tea Cloudsbreath Royal Fern Y 2018-01-29
Almond Cloudsbreath Voidrake Y 2018-02-05
Thavnairian Onion Curiel Root Royal Fern Y 2018-01-08
Midland Cabbage Dzemael Tomato Levinlight Y 2018-02-16
Royal Kukuru Glazenut Mandrake Y 2018-02-16
Royal Kukuru Glazenut Royal Fern Y 2018-01-24
Nymeia Lily Jute Royal Fern Y 2018-01-05
Tomato King Jute Xelphatol Apple Y 2018-01-04
Mimett Gourd Mandrake O'Ghomoro Berry Y 2018-02-12
Sun Lemon Mirror Apple La Noscean Lettuce Y 2018-02-12
Apricot Old World Fig Waterlight Y 2017-12-25
Dzemael Tomato Royal Fern Xelphatol Apple Y 2018-01-08
Azeyma Rose Almond Pearl Sprout Y 2018-03-07
Azeyma Rose Broombush Voidrake Y 2018-03-02
Blood Currant Chamomile Mirror Apple Y 2018-03-01
Sylkis Bud Cloudsbreath Thavnairian Onion Y 2018-02-19
Garlic Jester Cloudsbreath Waterlight Y 2018-02-24
Broombush Coerthan Tea Nymeia Lily Y 2018-02-17
Onion Prince Mamook Pear Mandrake Y 2018-02-17
Halone Gerbera Krakka Root Onion Prince N 2018-02-25
Azeyma Rose Midland Cabbage Royal Fern N 2018-02-17
Tomato King Pearl Roselle Thavnairian Onion Y 2018-04-13
Mandrake Royal Fern Valfruit N 2018-02-23
Midland Basil Linseed Voidrake Y 2018-03-16
Apricot Apricot Blood Currant Y 2018-03-15
Apricot Apricot Curiel Root N 2018-03-24
Apricot Old World Fig Wild Onion Set Y 2018-03-15
Broombush Coerthan Tea Pearl Roselle Y 2018-03-09
Broombush Krakka Root Mimett Gourd N 2018-03-15
Dzemael Tomato Coerthan Carrot Pearl Sprout Y 2018-03-21
Dzemael Tomato La Noscean Leek Wild Onion Set Y 2018-03-15
Dzemael Tomato Firelight Mandrake N 2018-03-24
Garlic Jester Mandrake Paprika Y 2018-03-20
Honey Lemon Honey Lemon Star Anise N 2018-03-14
Star Anise Midland Cabbage Pearl Roselle Y 2018-03-15
Jute Onion Prince Shroud Tea Y 2018-05-07
Star Anise Coerthan Tea Midland Basil Y 2018-03-09
Wizard Eggplant Mandrake Paprika Y 2018-03-20
Ala Mhigan Mustard Black Pepper Garlic Cloves Y 2018-08-16
Ala Mhigan Mustard Earthlight Pearl Ginger Root Y 2018-05-11
Azeyma Rose Althyk Lavender Jute Y 2018-03-10
Almond Black Pepper Coerthan Tea Y 2018-04-09
Broombush Eggplant Knight Tomato King Y 2018-04-19
Broombush Mandragora Queen Onion Prince Y 2018-04-24
Paprika La Noscean Lettuce Rolanberry Y 2018-05-21
Curiel Root Curiel Root La Noscean Lettuce N 2018-03-26
Nymeia Lily Almond Star Anise N 2018-10-01
Dzemael Tomato Curiel Root Pearl Sprout Y 2018-04-09
Dzemael Tomato Dzemael Tomato Midland Basil Y 2018-03-26
Honey Lemon Apricot Black Pepper Y 2018-04-16
Honey Lemon Blood Currant Dalamud Popoto Set Y 2018-08-16
Nymeia Lily Eggplant Knight Old World Fig Y 2018-04-02
Tomato King Halone Gerbera Thavnairian Onion Y 2018-05-07
La Noscean Leek Midland Cabbage Tantalplant Y 2018-08-16
Onion Prince Pahsana Fruit Wizard Eggplant N 2018-07-09
Pearl Roselle Jute Midland Basil Y 2018-04-30
Prickly Pineapple Apricot Sylkis Bud Y 2018-04-27
Royal Kukuru Broombush Glazenut Y 2018-04-30
Sylkis Bud Apricot Doman Plum Y 2018-06-11
Blood Currant La Noscean Lettuce Lowland Grape N 2018-05-21
Tomato King Mimett Gourd Shroud Tea Y 2018-07-03
Sun Lemon Lowland Grape Voidrake N 2018-06-21
Ala Mhigan Mustard Blood Currant Voidrake Y 2018-06-27
Mimett Gourd Doman Plum Mandrake Y 2018-06-15
Sun Lemon Althyk Lavender Blood Currant Y 2018-05-11
Pearl Ginger Root Pearl Ginger Root Voidrake Y 2018-06-18
Ala Mhigan Mustard Althyk Lavender Lavender Y 2018-06-25
Ala Mhigan Mustard Garlic Cloves Voidrake Y 2018-06-18
Almond Linseed Midland Basil Y 2018-06-21
Almond Almond Pearl Ginger Root Y 2018-06-21
Linseed Chamomile Voidrake Y 2018-06-18
Linseed Althyk Lavender Chamomile Y 2018-06-20
Mandrake Midland Basil Voidrake Y 2018-06-18
Garlic Jester Althyk Lavender Azeyma Rose Y 2018-06-07
Pearl Ginger Root Althyk Lavender Pearl Ginger Root Y 2018-06-01
Star Anise Almond Midland Basil Y 2018-06-21
Mandrake Althyk Lavender Midland Basil Y 2018-06-21
Azeyma Rose Azeyma Rose Linseed Y 2018-06-08
Azeyma Rose Nymeia Lily Voidrake Y 2018-06-18
Midland Basil Chamomile Pearl Ginger Root Y 2018-06-21
Shroud Tea Azeyma Rose Midland Basil Y 2018-06-18
Almond Chamomile Midland Basil Y 2018-06-18
Garlic Jester Midland Basil Pearl Ginger Root Y 2018-06-05
Azeyma Rose Althyk Lavender Nymeia Lily Y 2018-06-21
Sun Lemon Mirror Apple Voidrake Y 2018-06-15
Azeyma Rose Eggplant Knight Midland Basil N 2018-09-11
Sun Lemon Althyk Lavender Mirror Apple Y 2018-05-11
Almond Azeyma Rose Pearl Ginger Root Y 2018-06-11
Star Anise Broombush Halone Gerbera N 2018-06-27
Ala Mhigan Mustard Black Pepper Voidrake Y 2018-06-18
Onion Prince Azeyma Rose Cloud Acorn Y 2018-06-07
Shroud Tea Chamomile Star Anise Y 2018-08-16
Sun Lemon Icelight Mirror Apple Y 2018-05-11
Eggplant Knight Cloud Acorn Garlic Jester Y 2018-06-01
Mirror Apple Cloud Acorn Garlic Jester Y 2018-06-01
Jute Azeyma Rose Nymeia Lily Y 2018-06-15
Ala Mhigan Mustard Althyk Lavender Garlic Cloves Y 2018-06-21
Azeyma Rose Chamomile Coerthan Tea Y 2018-06-18
Mandrake Garlic Cloves Midland Basil Y 2018-08-16
Almond Almond Black Pepper Y 2018-05-16
Sun Lemon Earthlight Mirror Apple Y 2018-06-12
Ala Mhigan Mustard Garlic Cloves Lavender Y 2018-08-16
Blood Currant Mirror Apple Pearl Ginger Root Y 2018-06-05
Shroud Tea Coerthan Tea Linseed Y 2018-06-07
Royal Kukuru Old World Fig Royal Fern Y 2018-06-26
La Noscean Leek Dalamud Popoto Set Voidrake Y 2018-06-18
Pearl Ginger Root Black Pepper Pearl Ginger Root Y 2018-10-01
Midland Basil Dalamud Popoto Set Voidrake Y 2018-06-18
Jute Coerthan Tea Star Anise Y 2018-08-16
Pearl Ginger Root Chamomile Wild Onion Set Y 2018-06-18
Almond Cloud Acorn Sun Lemon N 2018-10-01
Mirror Apple Cloud Acorn Sun Lemon N 2018-10-01
Dalamud Popoto Set Royal Fern Royal Kukuru Y 2018-10-01
Linseed Althyk Lavender Prickly Pineapple N 2018-10-01
Midland Basil Blood Pepper Voidrake N 2018-10-01
Dalamud Popoto Set Blood Pepper Pearl Roselle N 2018-10-01
Royal Kukuru Mirror Apple Rolanberry N 2018-10-01
Azeyma Rose Cloudsbreath Shroud Tea N 2018-10-01
Azeyma Rose Honey Lemon Onion Prince N 2018-10-01
Thavnairian Onion Glazenut Tantalplant N 2018-10-01